How To Smartly Monetize Your Blog With Ads (The Comprehensive Guide)


Ads monetization is one of the best ways to monetize a blog and earn revenue on a monthly basis. It consists of serving ads on your blog’s ads space, where it reaches your audiences (who are potential customers). The more your audiences engage with your ads on your blog space, the more you earn revenue.

So therefore, you don’t only need to learn how to smartly monetize your blog with ads, you also need to know how to smartly go about it. And that’s what this content is all about. Here on MonetizeSmart, we keep you on the top chat of the monetization game, and reveal to you insider tips and techniques to smartly monetize your blog and earn a reasonable amount of revenue.

Therefore, if you’re on this page, then it’s no rocket-science that you’re seeking for how to monetize your blog with ads, and you know what? I got you covered. You won’t only learn how to monetize your blog through ads monetization, but also learn about the best ads to use towards satisfying your ads monetization ambition.

But before I pull the trigger, it’s a good thing to know what an ad monetization program is all about.

What Is An Ad Monetization Program?

Ads monetization programs are programs designed to help publishers (bloggers) earn revenue through their created-content from their respective platforms.

These ad programs serve ads (which comes from paid advert from advertisers) to publisher’s blogs, so as to reach the publisher’s audiences, for the aim of making sales profits for the advertisers, and revenues for the publishers – at the end all parties go home happy.

How Does Ads Monetization Works?

Monetize Your Blog With Ads

For you to have a full understanding of how ads monetization works, you need to know what the term ads monetization means.

Ads monetization is a means of monetizing a site with ads with the aim of earning via advertising revenue. The process consists of selling out ads space on a blog, where ads are being displayed so as to reach potential blog audiences, which in turn earns the publisher/blogger revenue from impressions and clicks generated from the blog readers.

Ads monetization works as an ecosystem, where advertisers pay ads companies, then these ads companies through their program mechanism servers these ads on related publisher’s blogs to reach their audiences. When the publisher’s audiences or readers engage well with the ads, through impression and clicks, both the advertisers and publishers earn revenue.

To better illustrate this:

The ad program companies earn from advertising fees paid by advertisers to advertise their products and services. The advertisers earn through clicks generated from the publisher’s blogs that lead to sales of their products and services. While the publishers earn advertising fees through the clicks and impressions generated from the ads displayed on their blogs.

What Are The Best Paying Ad Monetization Networks? 

When making a list of the best paying monetization ads, we make RPM a priority.

RPM which stands for Rate per milli or revenue per 1,000 pageviews). It is the estimated revenue paid to a publisher per 1000 traffic by an ad network.

That’s to say, if for example your ad network pays $10 per 1000 traffic, and your blog generates 4000 pageviews daily. You’ll deservedly earn $10 per every 1000 pageviews your blog generates.

For example: If your blog pulls 3000 daily pageviews, you’ll deservedly earn $30 daily, or even more from audience-generated clicks too.

Judging by RPM, below are the best paying ads you can use to smartly monetize your blog:


Monetize Your Blog With Ads

AdThrive is a premium ad monetization company, founded in 2013. Not only do they help bloggers earn from their hard-worked content, but also provide complete ad optimization and support to its publishers, which makes it one of the bloggers favorite ad networks.

Typically AdThrive pays $15 per RPM (revenue per 1,000 pageviews). That’s to say, If your blog drives 5000 pageviews daily, you would earn $75 daily and $2,250 monthly.

AdThrive pays at Net-45 basis. You’ll receive your first payment 45 days after the end of your first month running AdThrive ads. For example: money earned in January will be paid in March. Read the full AdThrive Review here.

AdThrive Payment Method.

  • Direct Deposit – US
    Fee: None.
  • Check/Local Bank Transfer
    Fee:  None.
  • PayPal
    Fee: None.
  • Paper Check
    Fee: $3.00.
  • Wire Transfer – US
    Fee: $15.00.
  • Wire Transfer, Non-US, paid in USD
    Fee: $25.00.
  • Wire Transfer, Non- US, paid in Non USD
    Fee $20.00.

The minimum payment threshold for all payment methods is $25, with the exception of the wire transfer option which has a $100 minimum threshold for most countries.

AdThrive Requirements:

  • 100,000 monthly pageviews on Google Analytics.
  • The majority of the traffic must come from the United States (and other tier 1 countries).
  • No previous infringements with ad providers.
  • Content must be unique, original and engaging.
  • Your website needs to be secure (with HTTPS).


Monetize Your Blog With Ads

Similar to AdThrive, Mediavine is also an ad network, which helps to optimize websites in every respect, improving page speed, traffic and revenue alike. They manage ad placements, optimize performance and work with advertisers on your behalf.

Mediavine was founded in 2004, with an estimated number of publishers ranging from 7500. Mediavine pays at Net-65 basis. This means 65 days from the end of the month that money was earned. For example: money earned in January will be paid in April.

Payments are made on the 5th of the month. If the 5th falls on a weekend, payments will be made on the closest business day.

Mediavine on an estimate pays $10 per RPM (revenue per 1,000 pageviews). That’s to say, If your blog drives 5000 pageviews daily, you would earn $50 daily and $1,500 monthly. Read the full Mediavine review here.

Mediavine Payment Method.

Mediavine uses the following payment method:

  • ACH – International
    Fee: None.
  • ACH – USA
    Fee: None.
  • PayPal
    Fee: None.
  • Wire Transfer
    Fee: $15 per transaction.
  • Wire Transfer, Non-US, Non-USD
    Fee: $20 per transaction.
  • Wire Transfer Non-US, USD
    Fee: $26 per transaction.

The minimum payment threshold for all payment methods on Mediavine is $25, using PayPal payment method.

Majority of the publishers prefer to be paid through PayPal because Mediavine does not charge any transaction fee.

Mediavine Requirements:

  • 50,000 sessions in the previous 30 days (per Google Analytics).
  • Majority of traffic from tier 1 countries like USA, Canada, Australia and UK.
  • Good standing with Google AdSense.
  • Original content in ANY niche as a lifestyle publisher.
  • Unique, long-form and engaging content.
  • SSL (HTTPS) secured website.


Monetize Your Blog With Ads

Monumetric is an ad monetization network and a full-service ad revenue partner. Just like every other ad monetization network, they work on programmed technology to manage, optimize, and improve your advertising revenue for your site.

Monumetric, which was formally known as “The Blogger Network”, was originally founded in 2012. Their slogan is “We Prosper People”. According to them, they prioritize on two goals: to help publishers reach their revenue goals and to provide the best possible user experience at the same time. You can read the full review on Monumetric ad here (based on my personal experience).

Monumetric pays between $5 -15 per RPM (revenue per 1,000 pageviews).

Monumetric uses a Net-60 payout schedule. This means that the ad income you earn this month will be paid after 60 days after the end of the month. Thus, your January ad revenue is paid in early April.

Monumetric Payment Method.

Monumetric offers payment method choices such as PayPal and direct bank transfer with a current minimum payment threshold of $10.

Monumetric Requirements:

  • Your blog must acquire 10,000 monthly (or last 30 days) pageviews (according to google analytics).
  • Your blog’s traffic must be organic and majority coming from major tier 1 countries like USA, Canada, Australia or the U.K.
  • Must be willing to pay the $99 one-time implementation fee.


Monetize Your Blog With Ads

Ezoic isn’t really a direct ad network company, however, It is a machine learning based advertisement testing and optimization platform. They help publishers earn revenue from their wonderful contents through their programmed technology.

Ezoic uses artificial intelligence to increase ad earnings by automatically testing different ad types across your site. It was founded in 2010. And pays between $3 to 10 per RPM (revenue per 1,000 pageviews).

Ezoic pays at Net-30 basis. That means, money earned in January will be paid at the end of February.

Ezoic Payment Method.

Ezoic payment method options include:

Direct bank transfer (Payoneer), PayPal and Check, with minimum payment threshold of $20.

Ezoic Requirements:

  • A minimum of 10,000 site visits (pageviews) per month – Ezoic may still approve sites with lesser pageviews if they see it has potentials.
  • Site must be in good standing with Google adsense.
  • Content must be original and engaging.
  • Site must adhere to all Google adsense policies.

Google Adsense.

Monetize Your Blog With Ads

Google Adsense is an ad monetization network from the almighty Google, to help both small and large publishers monetize their content through ad monetization means to earn advertising fees. Adsense was founded In March 2003, it was previously called “Content targeting advertising”.

This Giant ad monetization company pays $3 – 15 per RPM, (revenue per 1,000 pageviews).

RPM may vary sometimes due to various reasons.

Google adsense pays on Net-30 basis, which means money earned in January will be paid at the end of February.

Adsense Payment Method.

Adsense payment method options include: Wire Transfer and Check.

Minimum payment threshold is $100. If you don’t earn up to $100 in one month, your earnings will be rolled-over and are added to the next month. Each time you reach the $100 threshold, Google will issue a payment.

Google Adsense Requirements:

  • You must be over 18 years of age.
  • You must own and control your site.
  • Your site must have unique and interesting content.
  • Your site must have clear navigation.
  • You must not circulate fake traffic.
  • Your content must comply with Google content policies.
  • You cannot circulate copyrighted content.
  • You must use a supported language.
  • Your site must not have an abusive experience.
  • You should have technical pages (technical pages like: Privacy Policy page, the About Us page, and the Contact Us page).

Best Ways To Monetize Your Blog With Ad Monetization Network To Boost Revenue.

1. Choose The Best Paying Ad Network.

A higher paying ad network puts you on a greater heights to earning big.

Take for example, an ad network that pays $30 per RPM (Rate per milli), gives you a powerful-earning advantage to make a substantial take-home every month. Because with such a high rate of RPM, if your blog generates a considerable amount of pageviews daily (let’s say 4000 daily pageviews), you’ll be making approximately $120 daily (or even more) and $3,600 monthly. That’s weighty-cash if you ask me.

2. Create Quality & Informational Content.

Quality content keeps your audience engaged, thus exposing them to the ads displaying on your page which in turn boosts revenue.

“Content is king”, therefore make it worthwhile to your audience by providing killer contents that will captivate them to read from the very beginning to the very end.

Ensure your content carries meaningful information that solves your audience (or readers) problems, after all, that’s why they are on your blog.

While writing your articles, don’t beat around the bush to avoid pissing your readers off or bore them. Hit the nail on the head and give them straight answers but in a well explained approach, which makes your content well detailed and comprehensive.

Ensure every paragraph answers users queries, and this won’t only create good user experience, but also help better rank your content on search engines.

3. Ensure Your Contents Are Lengthy, But Meaningful. 

Lengthy content helps increase the time duration at which your readers stay on each page of your blog, thus engaging more with your ads and you know what that means? — more earning.

Why is that? The longer your content, the more your readers stay engaged with it, while being engaged with your content, they’re also exposed to the ads within your content, as a result of this making you earn more revenue through impression and probably ads clicks from your blog readers.

Every blogger’s dream is to have their audiences stay longer on their blog, as this won’t only decrease bounce rate and increase pageviews and impressions, but also increase revenues for the better. The whole idea is, the more a user stays on your blog, the more you earn.

Therefore, you have to capitalize on this approach by creating in-depth or well detailed informative content that answers users’ queries, thus providing answers and solutions to their questions. It’s best recommended to ensure your contents are of at least 1000 word counts and above.

4. Target Tier One Countries.

While you monetize your blog with ads, targeting tier one countries is yet another route to boost your ads revenue.

Advertisers from tier one countries like USA, Canada, Australia or UK spend a good amount of money to advertise their products, to reach potential customers. Therefore, targeting these countries will keep you on higher earning ground, because you’ll get to earn some good chunk out of the advertising fees, accompanied with their heavy currency weight, which will as a result, improve your revenue for the better.

To further explain this, — advertisers from tier one countries spend good money to advertise their products and services through ads monetizing networks like AdThrive, Mediavine and Adsense etc. These ads monetization networks serve these ads on “related blogs'” (or blogs that have contents related to the ads), which is a good reason to target keywords related to tier one countries.

Now, if you’re smart enough to target keywords related to tier one countries, and your blog is monetized with one of the best ads monetization networks, then you’ll definitely get to earn good money (if you have good number of traffic/page views daily).

5. Target Keywords With Good CPC.

Targeting CPC-rich keywords is another good approach to boost revenue. CPC-rich keywords or keywords with high CPC consists of those keywords that hold high monetary value, due to the huge amount of money pumped by advertisers into advertising products and services related to such keywords.

CPC which stands for “cost per click” is a metric that determines how much advertisers pay for the ads they place on websites based on the number of clicks the ad receives.

That’s to say, the number of clicks generated from an ad is paid based on the ad’s CPC. For example: if the ad placed on your site has a CPC of $5, and it gets clicked 30 times by your audience, you earn $150. Therefore when you target high CPC keywords, the advertising program serves related high CPC ads on your blog, as a result skyrocket earnings.

Targeting these high CPC keywords generates higher income from advertising fees through ads-clicks generated by blog audiences or readers.

You can use keyword research tools like SemRush, Moz, Ahrefs and Ubersuggest to hunt for keywords with high CPC.

In Conclusion

Monetizing your blog with Ads is the best approach to plunge to earn a decent amount of money through advertising fees.

Therefore you have to smartly go about that by following the guide in this content by keying into everything point made in this content and also putting it into practice, towards enabling smart ads monetization for your blog.

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