How I Fixed Google Adsense Scrapped Content Reply & Got Approved

Google adsense scrapped content

Have you been getting a “scrapped content” reply from Google after every AdSense application?, Then you’re about to get a solution on how to fix that. I know it’s annoying and frustrating to keep getting such responses after each Google AdSense application. Now have you really asked yourself why do I keep getting this response from Google?, If no, then you’re about to know why.

In this very article, you’re definitely going to learn how to fix Google AdSense scrapped content reply and get approved.

Why Do I Keep Getting A “Scrapped Content” Reply From Google AdSense?

Below are possible reasons:

1. Copying Or Stealing Someone’s Blog Content.

This is one of the main reasons why you may have been receiving the “scrapped content” reply from Google AdSense.

When you apply for AdSense, Google spider bots crawl into your blog to make a thorough research for any similarities corresponding with other blog contents on the web. If there should be any synonymous correspondence with any article or content, then automatically you’ll not be approved, and this will prompt Google to send you a scrapped content reply.

It’s advised to create your own unique content, to avoid being disappointed when you apply for Google AdSense.

2. Using Images Or Pictures On The Web.

Downloading and using blog images isn’t really advisable, this is because some bloggers use Alt text and description before uploading their images on their respective blogs, these images contain their articles keywords. Downloading and using people’s blog images can also lead to rejection by Google AdSense with a “scrapped content” reply. It’s advisable to download your images from stock-picture websites such as; or

3. Non-Quality Contents.

This is another main thing to consider as a blogger. Remember quality is better than quantity. It’s better to create 10 quality and well composed contents with detailed information of about 700-1000 word-count and get approved than for you to create 30 non-quality contents with word count below 200. Google likes quality and cornerstone contents, they usually get indexed faster.

I have a good friend who happens to be a blogger too, he got approved with just 10 quality cornerstone contents, with 800-1000 word-count each. It’s advised to focus more on creating quality unique contents.

4. Synonymous Titles.

Before I give my articles a title, I will first of all make a keyword research on Google, to ensure I don’t use the same title heading with that of another blog. When your article title corresponds with that of another blog, you may not be approved when you apply for Google AdSense.

If you have done all the afformentioned and still get a “scrapped content” reply after Google AdSense application, don’t worry just follow the simple guide below:

How To Fix Google AdSense “Scrapped Content” Reply And Get Approved.

Step 1: Write 10 unique quality articles with 700-1000 word-count, you can make it 1000-2000 words if you like, make sure you don’t copy from other blogs, it’s really advised you should avoid that. Ensure you do keyword research on Google before giving a title to your articles.

Also link to your related articles and also link to external resources too for reference purposes.

Try to write on topics you know well about, Example: “Top 10 richest presidents”, then write another topic on each president individually while you insert related link texts in your article.

Another example is “Top 10 expensive cars and their prices”, after writing the article, write articles on each of the cars mentioned in the “Top 10 expensive cars and their prices“. This will enable you to create 10 unique and quality articles without stress, with text links involved too.

Step 2: Select all your existing blog contents or articles and “Trash” them all.

I know this may sound awkward but don’t worry, no harm will be done to your articles, once they are un-trashed or restored back they will go back to their proper indexed Google position.

Step 3: After trashing all your existing blog contents, Now publish your newly written 10 blog contents. Make sure you don’t use images from people’s blogs, only use images on or

Step 4: After publishing the articles, Apply for Google AdSense with a fresh email. And wait for approval.

Step 5: When you must have been approved by Google AdSense, you can now restore back your trashed articles (if you wish).

This was the exact method I used on one of my blogs and it was finally approved after several rejections from the Google AdSense team with the “scrapped content” reply. In the picture below you can see how many times I applied for AdSense and how many times I was rejected too, before I applied this technique and was finally approved.

Google adsense scrapped content


Avoid copying or stealing contents from other blogs, this may harm your blogs SEO, don’t use pictures or images on the internet, these images are attached with keywords and descriptions. Create quality contents with at least 700-1000 words count. Quality content with detailed and useful information is gold.

Finally, take your time to do keyword research before giving your article a title, to avoid synonymous correspondence with other blog titles. I hope this technique works for you like it did for me. Do have a nice day.

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