Learn To Use Catchy Titles For Your Blog Posts


Imagine taking days to write that beautiful content of yours only to unleash it, having it ranking on Google and getting low clicks – painful right?

What if I tell you that your low CTR (Click-Through-Rate) may be as a result of your boring titles? Sounds surprising? It shouldn’t. You know why?

People judge your content by the title and when the title is well structured or composed, they automatically believe the content must be good.

There’s this saying that says “don’t judge a book by its cover“. That doesn’t apply everywhere. In blogging, audiences 80% of the time judge your content by its titles, same goes to YouTube too. Viewers judge your content by your thumbnails.

So, to stimulate good clicks on both your blog posts or YouTube videos, you need to learn how to use catchy titles.

Learning how to use captivating and action-prompting titles and thumbnails will improve your clicks, audience engagement with your content, thus improving earnings. This is yet another way to indirectly improve your monthly revenue.

How Do I Use Catchy Titles For My Blog Posts?

Follow the tips below:

1. Arouse People’s Curiosity.

Learn to arouse people’s curiosity with your titles, give them eye-catching and irresistible titles or thumbnails that will leave them no choice but to click on your blog posts or titles.

Example: Instead of using “How to amend your shoes”, use something like:

  • “Shoe Amendment Made Easy, 4 Ways I Amended Mine”
  • or “Amend Your Shoes Like A Pro – 4 Ultimate Guide”
  •  or “I Learnt From A Professional – Here’s How I Amend My Shoes”.

2. Personify Your Titles.

Instead of using the generic terms of “How To Apply Perfume” go with title personification approach like:

  •  “I’m a Fragrant-Lover, Here Are 5 Ways I Apply Perfume”
  •  Or “As a Fragrant-Lover, Here Are 5 Best Ways To Apply Perfume “

What does this approach do? It automatically give authority to your content, making it sound like you’re a specialist in the field of perfumery who wants to teach his/her audience what you know about perfume, and believe me not only will Google love to rank your post, but also makes your audience feels special reading your posts because they believe they are getting an undiluted information from a first-class source (or an expert).

This will indeed encourage audiences to click through your posts immediately as they glance their eyes on your title.

3. Learn To Use Brackets To Leverage CAll-To-Action.  

This is one of the tips I learnt recently. I personally implemented it and discovered a 70% increase in CTR via Google search console stats.

This approach involves using brackets to buttress your titles. Example: “Learn The Art Of Blogging [Like Pro’s Do]. Did you see the words in the bracket? Sounds action-prompting to you, right?

Here is another example: “Learn Martial Art Like An Expert [Jet Lee’s Guide]“.

The word segregated in the bracket is the secret to enhance clicks, once the audience glances at it, they will definitely be tempted to click.

In Conclusion. 

When you learn the art of capitalizing on using catchy titles, you will have the audience click on your article even if you’re ranking on the 6th position on Google’s first page. This won’t only improve page views, but simultaneously improve earnings too.

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